Monday, April 27, 2009


K came home last Thursday night and wasn't feeling too hot. Before he went to bed he was having full body chills. I just knew he had the damn flu.
He gets up Friday morning and calls in to work. I call the doctor and of course they aren't in. So the only choice we have is to go to MEA. I hate those clinics. With a passion. The girl that checked us out never even opened her mouth to us. Pfft. Bitch.

Anyway. :) The doctor does a step test on him but it's negative. He treats him for it anyway because that's what the symptoms were pointing to.

We keep him doped up all weekend and all he does is sleep. I have never seen him this sick. He goes to work Monday, calls me. Said something has bit him on the nose in multiple places. Well that doesnt sound right. He comes home and discovers they are water blisters. Not bites. Great. WTF does that mean. I call the doc the next morning and of course they dont call me back until 4 pm. They want him in immediately the next day to see what is going on.

Get him in, doc says at first it's staph. Yeah I know all too well about that shit. I have 3 scars to prove it. Then he gets to looking even closer and says it could be shingles. Huh? Scuse me? They never did a culture on it but doped him up with some good antibiotics.

He's a LOT better now but I'm still not sure WTF he had. I'm going with staph even though the last thing they said was shingles. I just never saw it anywhere else besides his nose.

Then...I wake up Sunday sick....Sinus infection is back with a vengeance. I started taking his antibiotics that the first doctor gave him and some decongestants that I had from the previous sickness.

Hopefully we'll both kick this shit soon and we can enjoy next weekend. Two weekends in a row of sitting home is driving us both a little crazy.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I know, I know...

Hey look. It's my lost post from the other day LOL

I suck at updating this thing. It's just my life is so boring that I don't have much to say.

I've been sick for the past 2 weeks with a sinus infection. You'd think I'd give in and go on to the doctor but I refuse. It's almost over now. :P Lost my voice for 3 days. I'm sure my hubby was happy ;)

Riding season is here. I'm so freaking glad. We were going to go last weekend but due to all the rains, the grounds were flooded. So we ended up going to dad's anyway and staying there. All weekend. :) It was just a nice relaxing weekend. I love getting away from our house like that. Sitting at home just reminds you of all the things you need to be doing.
K started snorkeling dad's 4 wheeler Friday night while I grilled steaks. We sat around and bull shitted. No stress, no drama. Saturday we were going to leave but by the time they got back with the snorkeling pieces and K got to work it was 4 pm. Dad had somewhere to be so we stayed. I grilled shish kabobs and K finished snorkeling the 4 wheeler. Just us, the clouds, moon and whatever creature was lurking in the background. I so miss living out in the country. I can't wait to sell this house and find us some land.
I even mentioned to K about buying dads house and living there. Only problem is, it's not my dream house and if we did that I'd never get my dream house. Plus I think it would be uber weird living in a house that my parents lived in. And separated in. So that's a no go. ;)
We woke up Sunday and ended up running our mouths until 2 that afternoon. It was then time to pack up and head home. :( Back to reality.

And that is exactly what happened. Reality kicked in. Time to start another week. is already Wednesday. I'm suppose to be getting ready for work and K has already been working for an hr now.

"Friend" is suppose to come over tonight. K offered to feed them. I was pissed. I'm pissed at them and don't want them eating my food. rawr

So that's us in a nutshell. Nothing too important has been going on. I did finally start sleeping again. Well until last night. I couldnt fall asleep. But that is my fault for taking a nap yesterday afternoon. :P

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank You Southern Plate

I love chicken and dumplings. Super Pink Puffy Heart love them. Problem is, I can't (couldn't) make them for anything.

Then I came across this website. Southern Plate Then this post. Chicken & Dumplings

I had little faith in myself that I could actually make them and have them turn out. I've even bought the store bought frozen dumplings and had them not turn out. Southern Plate teaches you the trick. No stirring. I've seen my mom make dumplings I don't know how many times and she stirred. What was I doing wrong?

So I followed her recipe down to the letter and they were PERFECT! I was so proud of myself.

I literally could eat these things day and night. So freaking YUMMY!

Wal-Mart's after Easter sale

Since Wally World was having their 50% off Easter sale, I decided to buy a few things. I wanted to do K an Easter basket this year but since we were gone all day Friday and Saturday I never got a chance. (I can't do it before hand because he'd eat all the candy ;))

At least I'm all prepared for next year.

K is dying for me to try the cookie cutters out.

Monday, April 13, 2009


What's on the menu this week? I've been trying to think of something we can eat this week and I'm drawing a blank.

It's coming up on that time of year where I really only want light foods for dinner. Nothing too heavy.

What is your favorite spring/summer dish?

Mud Riding

Most of you know that mud riding is our mini vacation. It's so nice to go somewhere where we can just let go and not worry about the daily bull shit. This is a video of K playing in the mud last Saturday.

Friday, April 10, 2009

These look so good!

I'm going through my google reader and came across this post. I think I need to add these ingredients to this weeks grocery list.


It's Friday :)

I'm seriously pissed I typed out that long ass post the other day and it didnt publish. I will copy this one to make sure I dont lose it. rawr

So the weekend is here. What is everyone up to? (like anyone will leave me a comment, but ya know ;) )
K's work is more than likely letting them go at noon today then he's off Monday. So we'll get a long weekend. Yay!

I'm washing clothes now, getting ready to head to my dad's. I have absolutely loved spending time with him. It's nice having that family connection. Even though we are more friends than father/daughter it still means the world to me to spend time together.

Tomorrow is 4 wheeler day. :) A guy from work is going to be there too. Should be a great day. Although, I am nervous as hell since we've had all this rain lately. Most of the holes that we are use to being able to just ride through might not be like that now. So I'm glad we've snorkeled the 4wheeler. Guess we'll find out if it works tomorrow. ;)

Hopefully Monday or Sunday I'll get K to get in the back bathroom and finish the walls so we can get the tile laid and finish that bastard once and for all. I'm so sick of using one bathroom when we have 2. I'm sick of him finding other shit to do besides work on that bathroom. It's been torn apart for almost 3 years now. Time to put it back together.

I've been on Twitter a lot lately. Meeting some interesting people. It's my newest addiction. 'Specially since some of the ppl I'm talking to are local. We are in desperate need of new local friends. BFF is stuck up new BF's ass and I never speak to her unless she wants something. Tired of feeling used. I want real friends to hang out with ....

That's all I got. I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend! And Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Where the hell did my post from this morning go?!?

Damn it! It was a long one too.....

Might update later. Boo!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm beginning to wonder. ...

Is there anyone left in MS that can be your friend just for that purpose? To just be friends, not use you for something.

I'm so sick of ppl thinking that we have all the money to either spend on them or so that we can buy something for them to use. We have been together for 10 years. That's a long time to build a home. And that's exactly what we have been doing.

Most of our "friends" are either starting new relationships or have only been in one for a short period of time. Of course you arent going to have what we do. You are just starting out. K and I have had nothing but hand me downs for years. We are just starting to buy new things.

Sorry just had to vent for a while. I'm so sick of ppl using us for whatever reason.