Friday, April 10, 2009


It's Friday :)

I'm seriously pissed I typed out that long ass post the other day and it didnt publish. I will copy this one to make sure I dont lose it. rawr

So the weekend is here. What is everyone up to? (like anyone will leave me a comment, but ya know ;) )
K's work is more than likely letting them go at noon today then he's off Monday. So we'll get a long weekend. Yay!

I'm washing clothes now, getting ready to head to my dad's. I have absolutely loved spending time with him. It's nice having that family connection. Even though we are more friends than father/daughter it still means the world to me to spend time together.

Tomorrow is 4 wheeler day. :) A guy from work is going to be there too. Should be a great day. Although, I am nervous as hell since we've had all this rain lately. Most of the holes that we are use to being able to just ride through might not be like that now. So I'm glad we've snorkeled the 4wheeler. Guess we'll find out if it works tomorrow. ;)

Hopefully Monday or Sunday I'll get K to get in the back bathroom and finish the walls so we can get the tile laid and finish that bastard once and for all. I'm so sick of using one bathroom when we have 2. I'm sick of him finding other shit to do besides work on that bathroom. It's been torn apart for almost 3 years now. Time to put it back together.

I've been on Twitter a lot lately. Meeting some interesting people. It's my newest addiction. 'Specially since some of the ppl I'm talking to are local. We are in desperate need of new local friends. BFF is stuck up new BF's ass and I never speak to her unless she wants something. Tired of feeling used. I want real friends to hang out with ....

That's all I got. I hope everyone has an AWESOME weekend! And Happy Easter!!

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