Monday, April 27, 2009


K came home last Thursday night and wasn't feeling too hot. Before he went to bed he was having full body chills. I just knew he had the damn flu.
He gets up Friday morning and calls in to work. I call the doctor and of course they aren't in. So the only choice we have is to go to MEA. I hate those clinics. With a passion. The girl that checked us out never even opened her mouth to us. Pfft. Bitch.

Anyway. :) The doctor does a step test on him but it's negative. He treats him for it anyway because that's what the symptoms were pointing to.

We keep him doped up all weekend and all he does is sleep. I have never seen him this sick. He goes to work Monday, calls me. Said something has bit him on the nose in multiple places. Well that doesnt sound right. He comes home and discovers they are water blisters. Not bites. Great. WTF does that mean. I call the doc the next morning and of course they dont call me back until 4 pm. They want him in immediately the next day to see what is going on.

Get him in, doc says at first it's staph. Yeah I know all too well about that shit. I have 3 scars to prove it. Then he gets to looking even closer and says it could be shingles. Huh? Scuse me? They never did a culture on it but doped him up with some good antibiotics.

He's a LOT better now but I'm still not sure WTF he had. I'm going with staph even though the last thing they said was shingles. I just never saw it anywhere else besides his nose.

Then...I wake up Sunday sick....Sinus infection is back with a vengeance. I started taking his antibiotics that the first doctor gave him and some decongestants that I had from the previous sickness.

Hopefully we'll both kick this shit soon and we can enjoy next weekend. Two weekends in a row of sitting home is driving us both a little crazy.

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Jill said...

Hope yall get feelin better soon