Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nothing Major

Nothing major is going on right now and I can't complain. At least not in that department. lol

We just finished watching True Blood season 2. And holy hell. Now I see why so many ppl are addicted to that show. Um, we also just added HBO to our line up just so we could finish watching this season. *blush* Yeah I know. haha

We went riding 4 wheelers last weekend. Had fun but not as much as we normally do. It just wasn't the same. We are so use to having ppl ride with us that actually ride. This time it was just daddy, us and one of K's childhood friends. This was his first time to go so we had to show him all the ropes. ha!
But, we must not have done too good of a job since K left to go help some people out that just drown out theirs and R (his friend) falls in a huge hole and the 4 wheeler rolls. The hole was seriously so deep that he was able to go under to keep the 4 wheeler from coming over on him.
Everyone was ok though. 4 wheeler and R. Embarrassed, but OK.

We didnt go ride this weekend. We couldn't have if we tried. The knuckle is messed up on the axle on ours and we have to get it fixed before we ride again and really mess some stuff up.

We are now the proud owns for the second time of a 96 Jeep Cherokee. The woman we sold it to, fried the motor. So she said to give her $400 for a down payment on another vehicle and we can have it.
I swear she's a moron for that. Instead of fixing this one she goes out and gets a bigger piece of shit.
Oh well. Her problem, not ours. Now we get to re-sale this one and make more money. LOL

I guess that's really it. I know, boring right? Sometimes, I like my life a little boring. Always having something going on is not fun in my book. It gets old quick.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old Blue

Old Blue is my husband truck. He has loved this truck since his grandfather introduced him to it.

"Papa" finally decided after they blew the head gasket and K's uncle let it sit and rot for 2 years, to give it to K. He was absolutely ecstatic! Me on the other hand, not so much. I grew up around people working on vehicles. I know how much it cost. I also know how much it cost to build a 'hot rod'.

Well after it's been sitting for years, K has decided he wants to start working on it. We got the cab off of it the other day and brought it home. *it's stored somewhere else*

Here's a few pics of the poor little rust bucket. ;)

By the way, my phone sure does take some damn good pics. lol

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

K's birthday

I love spoiling my husband. It's my job.

This year was no different. I've been researching HD tv's for quite a while now. We've wanted one for quite a while now. lol

We got up for his birthday and headed to Sears. I told him he had a $50 limit. Use it wisely. I kept hinting at going to electronics to look at movies or a game. He reluctantly headed that way and never ventured over to the tvs. I swear. lol I try to hint and the boy just doesn't get it.

So I just flat out walk over there and start looking. We looked around for about an hour before deciding on one.

We got the LG 42". Its quite nice. lol We went through absolute HELL to actually purchase it but it was/is worth it.

Of course we immediately came home, hooked it up and watched Avatar on BluRay.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Small update

K went back to the doctor June 10th. He's basically fine. The doc said that he can and will do the surgery at any point and time. It is 100% up to K. This isn't something that has to be fixed right away. As long as he can handle the pain, he is OK. Basically he has arthritis in his shoulder.

So sad that a 28 year old has to live with pain like this. I guess that is what happens when you basically take care of yourself growing up and had to work to buy your own school clothes and everything else.

It sucks.

The doc did give him 2 months of anti-inflammatory. If it gets too bad we'll cross that bridge then. For now he's slowly learning to slow down.