Monday, March 23, 2009


I've been having nightmares for almost 2 weeks now. It's really starting to get old.

They are weird. Really weird. They start off nice and normal then something goes horrible wrong. They differ. Pick a topic and I've pretty much had a nightmare about it.

I was reading up on the internet about them. Trying to see what is going on to cause them. Seems anti-depressants, antihistamine and others can cause them in adults. Yep, I'm taking both. I can't stop though. They are keeping me sane during the day. It's just when I sleep, that they are fucking with me.

What to do? :(

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jannypie said...

honestly i've found that stress is my #1 cause of my nightmares- even if i'm not super max stressed, and am just trying to push it down. you could try writing about your nightmares- not what happens, but how they are making you feel, what are you trying to do in them. helpless? angry? save somebody? that may relate to something going on in your life, or something you've been upset about for a while.

in the meantime, try to do something out of the usual to relax- take a long hot shower before bed, drink some hot chocolate, light a scented candle, read a book. try to get your mind to relax. big hugs :hug