Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Skin

I've always had sensitive skin. Wonder if that comes with the territory of being a red head? Having PCOS that fucks with your hormones is bad enough. Throw in a good dose of dry winter air and your skin should be diagnosed as bipolar.

I've never had problems like this before. I have rosacea so I already have redness on the bottom of my cheeks. Left is worse than right if you're wondering. :P So that area is already pretty sensitive. Now, throw in the hormones and winter air and you have one hell of a mixture. And not a good mixture like tequila and ... anything.
My skin started getting redder and itchier. When I used a certain cheap-ish make up brush, I would literally break out into hives. The brush irritated me that bad.

I tried everything I knew to basically lube my face up. I put vaseline on it. All that did was break me out because my face couldn't breathe. Then I tried a Kroger knock off of Olay moistuizer. Yeah that was a piece of shit. I had to reapply every few hours. At least it didnt break me out. I was even putting EVOO on my face. It was working and not breaking me out but left my face an oily mess.

Then I decided to get smart and google this shit. Basically its eczema. So I found an article (which I would link to but I have no idea what website it was) that listed a couple of drug store brand face washes and lotions to help. The ones that they asked people suffering from eczema what helped them. So most of the people said Cetaphil face wash and Eucerin lotion.

We had to go grocery shopping last night so I decided what the hell. It's not going to be cheap so here's to hoping it works and doesn't irritate me more.
I bought them both. $20 worth. That's cheap compared to big name brand shit. I just dont like spending money on stuff that I dont know if it will work or not.

So as soon as I get home, get groceries unloaded, I went to the bathroom and washed my face. I'm not going to lie, the Eucerin burned a little when I first put it on. I don't think it's suppose to but my skin is just that irritated. After the burning went away, I could feel my face calming down. I reached up and touched the scaly spot and it was smooth. For the first time in almost a month now.

I have not been using it for a full 24 hours and my face is already thanking me. Seriously.

So the point of this long ass post is, if you have dry winter skin. I STRONGLY suggest trying these 2 products. Seriously.

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