Thursday, August 20, 2009


Isn't it amazing how stuff just takes over. Life in general.

I don't really remember August 1st and here it is the 20th. Where the hell has time gone? The funny thing is, we really aren't that busy. I guess we are if we're zooming through this summer.

Last weekend was the worst we have had in a while. I get a call Saturday morning that my dad is "missing". Huh? We get up, get dressed and haul ass out the door. We get to his house and it's obvious he hasn't been home all night. FUCK!
First thought in my head, he got drunk last night and either ran off the road somewhere or is in jail. Well guess what? He was in jail. He pissed the sheriff officer off and he locked him up. Daddy doesnt know phone numbers. They are all in his cell phone that is now in his impounded truck.
So he didnt call anyone to get him out. The S.O. was just being an ass. Told him if he could call someone to come get him they'd let him go. Seriously, he just told you that his phone is in the truck.
They didn't even bother giving him a DUI. Just got busted with beer and whiskey in a dry county.

It took me 3 hours of total panic to locate him. I told him that the house he was at, he needs to stay away. They are trouble and the cops are watching her house. He agreed. I just hope he keeps his word. I've never been so damn scared.

Saturday afternoon, I was suppose to go to my friend's kid's bday party. So I text her on the way to daddy's and let her know what was going on. Her response? So this means you're not coming right? Well fuck no. My father is MISSING! Ugh!

Sunday, we're exhausted. Emotional turmoil will take a toll on you. We get home and it's absolutely flooded here. I left Mackenzie outside since we were gone all day. I knew his paws would be muddy so I left him out until it was time to go to bed.
K goes out to let him in and no Mackenzie. Jasmine kept running over to the dog house and back to the door. They have a hole dug out under it. Well since it flooded the hole was filled with water. And my dog. I almost had a complete melt down. He was absolutely soaked and so muddy.
It took everything I had not to lose it. I am the worst furmommy ever.

I've also been highly addicted to That's the site that I have been getting all my coupon info from. My ex-step-mom owns a store and she have been saving her unsold newspapers/coupons for me. Monday I sat here all day because I had 2 weeks worth of newspapers to go through and get the coupons out. I can't tell you how many I have now.
But, it's all worth it. I went to Kroger yesterday and saved $74.41!! I was/am stoked. I've saved over $200 in the past 4 weeks. I still have a lot to learn and I'm excited to keep learning.
It's a long drawn out process but I'll get there.

I'm also not sleeping again. It's my husbands fault. Like last night he would NOT get off me. Usually I can tell him to scoot over and he will. Oh no, last night he was literally wrapped around me. I can't sleep like that. I feel like I'm being held down. Sigh

I slept all of 3 hours last night and I now have HUGE puffy bags under my eyes. I'm officially gorgeous this morning. LOL

Daddy and K have also decided to start flipping cars here and there. K knows of a Honda right now that they can get super cheap and flip it. I'm hoping it works out. His side jobs have diminished and with gas, groceries, (which I'm working on) light bill for a summer in MS, we are broke. We're trying to get all debt paid off and pay our bills too. I'm just stressed. I hate being this stressed.

My brain won't shut off even though my body (bags under eyes) are saying STOP!

OK. I think I've wasted enough of your time. :)

Have a good one! I foresee a huge nap in my future!

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jannypie said...

dude I KNOW where did august go???

OMG about your dad. I have been there a TON this year with phil, and i know how awful and panicky that can feel. i am so sorry :(

i hope your week gets better and you get some rest this weekend!