Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Computer

My poor sony laptop was just about to poop out on me. It had gotten to where it was worse than dealing with dial up. Seriously. I got so frustrated with it the other day I was seriously thinking of taking a hammer to it. But I had too much stored on it to do that (itunes)!

We have a new Sam's Club that just opened. They were advertising a Compaq computer for $299. Damn good deal. Not my first (or fifth) choice but hey, can't beat the price. We get there when the doors were suppose to open. They had already been open and all computers were gone. Told us to come back in the morning. Um, most people work dumb ass. They can't come in the morning. (i could but ya know ;)) Then the guy told us that they had people in one household that had different memberships buying the computers. Up to 3 at a time. Huh? That's BS. Pissed me off. Bad. p.s. I'm a very sore loser. lol

We decided to run by Wal-Mart to see what they had, if anything worth buying. they had a HP for $498. Way more than we can afford at this given moment but I'd rather do that then fight the Sam's crowd again. Plus I know my poor Sony was getting ready to crash. Poor baby wouldnt even load a video anymore.

Now I just have to get some cd's and transfer all of my iTunes and what few pics I had on my comp. After that I'm going to wipe it clean again and when we get the $ for a new screen I'll hand it over to K to use.

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