Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love reading. Always have, probably always will.

I discovered a website a few years ago called Basically you post books and earn a few credits to get you started. When you request a book from someone else, as long as you have the credits, it's free. If someone request one of your books, all you have to do is pay shipping, which is only around $3.00. When they post that the book has been received, you will get a credit.

Yes, I know you can go to the library and check out books all day long for free, but if you are like me you just never get to the library. And honestly, as long as we've been in this house, I have yet to step foot in our library.

OK, so now that I've done a small plug for that website, I wanted to tell you about the latest series I've been reading. The author is Gena Showalter. The series is The Lords of the Underworld. Sounds seriously dark, but I promise you they aren't. Well a little but not really.

From her website: Long ago, twelve immortals warriors – each more dangerously seductive than the last -- stole and opened Pandora’s box, unleashing the evil from within. Now they carry that evil within themselves. Violence, Pain, Death, Disease, Disaster, Misery, Doubt, Promiscuity, Defeat, Lies, Secrets, and Wrath. When a powerful enemy returns, they will travel the world in search of a sacred relic of the gods – one that threatens to destroy them all. With multiple New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers this a must read series!

Books in order:
The Darkest Night
The Darkest Kiss
The Darkest Pleasure
The Darkest Whisper
The Darkest Passion
The Darkest Lie
The Darkest Secret (April 2011)
The Darkest Surrender (October 2011)
The Darkest Seduction (2012)

I absolutely got hooked on these books. I'm currently waiting on The Darkest Lie to hit And seriously, if it doesn't get entered in to the system soon, I just might have got go buy it.

Gena Showalter is my new favorite author. Her writing style absolutely consumes you. These books are a drug. Once I start one, I can't put it down until it's finished.

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