Monday, September 7, 2009

Walgreens Savings

Some of y'all know by now that I've been heavily into couponing. I went to Walgreens tonight to hit up a few sales.
2 Starbucks ice creams for $3 each
1 Starbucks 4 pk frapps $5
Scrubbing bubbles shower cleaner $9.99
2 Air Wicks oil smelly goods $2.50 each
Eggs $1.39 they were suppose to be .99. I'm debating on going to get my $.40 back
Walgreens Ice Cream $1.59
Benadryl (since my husband got stung by a wasp) $6.99

Starbucks Q's $2.00 off 1 $1.00 off the other. $1.00 off the drinks
Scrubbing bubbles $7.00 Q
Air Wick 2/$1
Benadryl Peelie $2.00
Now, looking at my receipt I have an extra Q for $1.00 off something. I have no idea what it is.

The Starbucks ice cream originally rang up for 2/$9. I told her no and showed her the ad. They were $3 each. She went in and manually deleted the $4.21 and $4.79 and corrected. Glad I was paying attention.

So my total came out to be ..... $23.48

Total savings of $30.57

WOO HOO!! I'm getting good. So proud of myself. :D

Oh and we stopped in Saturday before the previous sale ended. Dove shampoo was on sale B1G1. Original price $4.99 for 2. Minus my Q's .... $3.34 total!!! Total savings of $6.59 :D

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