Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where to begin?

I have a habit of doing this. For those of you that haven't deleted me off your blog roll yet, Thank You! lol

For starters, we've decided not to sell the house right now. The market here is not good. At all. We would barely be able to sell the house to make enough to break even. It's just not worth it.

I guess that is a good thing since we have completely stopped working on house projects. I think there is just still so much to do and we got burned out on it.

Then the selfishness comes in. It's four wheeler riding season and a lot of our money goes to that. With us putting selling the house on hold, I dont feel too bad about putting money into the four wheeler. That is also our little vacation. For one day a week or most of the time twice a month, we get to say fuck the world. No phones, no bull shit, no bills. Just us having an absolute blast.

We've also had a little drama with K's work. It's settled now but for a day we thought all hell was going to break loose for a month. Like I said we got it straightened out but good grief it was stressful.

Now, back to K. He's been having shoulder pain for a month now. Called our doc and they set him up to have a MRI done. He gets the results and we are told that he has a tear in his shoulder. They send us to a specialist.

We get to the specialist this past Monday. They did a xray on him. Diagnosis: not the tear that is giving him problems, it's because his collar bone is rubbing against his ?? . I'm not sure what he said. So he gave him a steroid shot. Well....after the doc had been pushing on him and then the needle going in his arm, K comes this [] close to passing out. Scared the shit out of me. Not really the passing out but the shaking.
He goes back in one month to get the final diagnosis. Either this steroid shot fixes it or he has to have surgery.
Oh! He kept saying that the pain was radiating down into his hand. Nope, not this problem. It's his C6 in his neck. So if the steroid shot doesnt fix that too, he has to have have a MRI done of his neck and we'll proceed from there.

On top of all of that we just spent $200 on 2 new tires for the car. This is all happening with in 2 days. Monday and Tues of this week. It's been hell.

So that is what is currently going on with us. It's not fun but we'll survive. :)

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