Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yay! Cooler weather is here.....again

Gotta love living in Mississippi. You just never know when the weather is actually going to change for the season.

It's suppose to be pretty cool this week. High of right under 80! That's awesome for us. Usually we dont see cool weather until Nov/Dec.

Which leads me to, we went to the grocery store this morning. I get to cook again! YAY! *happy dance* I love cool nights when I can crack a window and have my house smelling of the crisp cool night and food! Nothing like it!

Plus, who can be in a bad mood when the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the sky is the bluest ever and it's cool outside!


I am a... said...

Yay for fall weather! It has been really cool here...low 60's, but I love it! We had beef stew for lunch today. Mmmm :piggy :)

hopeful #1 said...

This morning our little thermostat in our house (for the outside) read 34 degrees!!! HELLO, that's freaking cold! I had to wear a scarf and a lighter winter jacket just so I wouldn't freeze!!! Yikes!

Twitterpated Moments said...

Holy Cow! Temp was at 44 when we got up this morning. I thought my husband was going to shiver to death. :D