Tuesday, June 15, 2010

K's birthday

I love spoiling my husband. It's my job.

This year was no different. I've been researching HD tv's for quite a while now. We've wanted one for quite a while now. lol

We got up for his birthday and headed to Sears. I told him he had a $50 limit. Use it wisely. I kept hinting at going to electronics to look at movies or a game. He reluctantly headed that way and never ventured over to the tvs. I swear. lol I try to hint and the boy just doesn't get it.

So I just flat out walk over there and start looking. We looked around for about an hour before deciding on one.

We got the LG 42". Its quite nice. lol We went through absolute HELL to actually purchase it but it was/is worth it.

Of course we immediately came home, hooked it up and watched Avatar on BluRay.

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