Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why I've been MIA

I have learned how to crochet. Yes, me, the non-crafty one of the group. I'm all excited. BFF has known how to since she could basically hold it in her hands. So she took time Friday to take me to Hobby Lobby and buy my first hook and yarn.

She taught me how to single stitch. Well sorta. It was hard as hell to figure it out at first. My brain went into over drive and it wouldnt compute. I couldnt slow it down enough to absorb the info.
So, I came home and practiced. I redid it quite a few times. Actually, I thought I would have to cut the used yarn off because I was wearing it thin. lol

I got up Saturday, after I had mastered the sc (single stitch) and searched youtube for lessons on how to double stitch. Actually I wanted to learn the shell stitch but decided against that since the videos were confusing the shit out of me.

I've now go the dc (double stitch) down pat. I'm actually picking up speed. I'm so proud of myself.

I'll get pics as soon as I have something picture worthy. Right now I'm just on row 2. Not that much to see.

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half of vamh said...

woohoo! I tried to learn once too, fail.

Can't wait to see something!

Yo, said...

COOL! That is awesome! Ditto Al, I tried to learn once and a big fat FAIL for me too.

I have no patience with it. I know lots of people who can rock it out, though, and I know you'll be great at it!