Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I finally (almost) finished putting up my Christmas decor. It's taken almost two days to finish up. We've been in and out since K has been off work since Tues.
But, I'm not complaining. I get seriously depressed this time of year. I've cried more times than I want to admit over the past 3 days. Not having my family anymore and then his sucks big ole donkey dick. *sigh* It's just depressing.
We never even heard from his family all day Thanksgiving. Still haven't.

Anyway, the reason of my post is this, PICTURES! ;) I don't have any pics of my tree yet. It just got finished late last night.

So....Here we go...

My Carousel. It plays actually works, plays music and lights up. Love it!

I need one more stocking. Actually I want to make my own since I can't find any that I actually like.


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