Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to Reality

So K was on vacation last week. Holy hell what a whirlwind. We mainly stayed at my dads. The entire week. It was way too much for me. I missed my bed, my animals, my house.

We had fun though, don't get me wrong. I just hate being gone so long. We originally thought daddy was going to get K set up with a side job or two. That didnt happen. We just hung around. Well I did. K always finds something to do. Daddy is clearing a bunch of trees and leveling some dirt to build a shop across the road. That kept them pretty busy for a few days.

For the fourth, we went to some friends house that we have been riding with lately at Copiah Creek. Drank a few margaritas. :) We had fun. Nothing wild and crazy but we all got pretty lit and got home at 3 am. Sunday we went back over there to help W work on his truck. He drives an 18 wheeler local. Well, my husband being the mechanic that he is, fell in love. He'd never worked on one before.

We left there at 10 and had to drive home. They live in BFE. 30 mins from my dad. By the time we stopped to get something to eat, we got home at 11 or a little after. Got settled and in bed around 11:30 or later. We were exhausted and K had to work the next morning. Sucks to be him. I told him to get his ass in gear. He was all wrapped up in that truck though.

It's too hot and dry to go ride 4 wheelers. We are all dying to go though. F mentioned today that we need to find somewhere to go on a night ride. That way it won't be so damn dusty. It finally rained all day yesterday but I know it will be dried up by this weekend.

Gotta love Mississippi summers.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. :)

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