Thursday, July 9, 2009

Product Rave!

So even though my picture shows my hair super straight it is far from that. Kinky curly is what I call it. I keep it pretty long since the shorter it is the kinkier it gets.

I've had some major issues finding product to go in it. I'm not one of the lucky ones that gets to add a little mousse or gel and walk out the door. Oh no, mine has to have all kinds of shit in it so I won't frizz up like an electrocuted poodle.

The other night we were in Kroger and I was searching for my mousse. I had been using Dove and it was working pretty good for me. Well wouldn't you know it, they didnt have any. Never fails. I get use to a product and then I can't find it again. Drives me fucking insane. Anyway, I came across iStyle by samy. It wasn't cheap so all I could do was pray it worked so my husband wouldn't kill me.

I bought the mousse and I also noticed a can beside it that said FRIZZ *something*. Since I need all the help I can get living in Mississippi with this hair I snatched it up too.

This is what I got: mousse and Stop my Frizzies

I actually only use these two products. The mousse would probably hold it but since it's so dang humid here I'm not chancing it. I actually wore my hair down all day yesterday and it held up. I was so HAPPY!

Finally a product that works for me!

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