Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life as we know it

Life, such a complicated little thing. ;)

Noah is adjusting good. Actually he's spoiled rotten. You can't walk in the kitchen with out him absolutely hollering at you. He expects food at any point and time during the day. Cute now, will be annoying later. :P

Mackenzie had surgery Thursday. He had a lipoma. We, I, had let it go so long that it had actually started to die off and become infected. I feel like a shitty "mom". :( I just didn't want to have to face it if it was cancerous. Yeah I know, even more of a reason to get it checked out.
I brought him home Friday and it was gawd awful. The incision is huge. Huge! He's on antibiotics and pain meds. The pain meds wore off around 7 last night. It absolutely broke my heart. He was hurting so bad he wouldnt jump on the couch and I was scared to pick him up thinking I would hurt him. So today I'm giving him half in the morning and half this evening. No sense in him hurting like that.
The blood work came in and he's OK. So that's good.

Lacy is actually playing with Noah. HUGE step for her. We were having problems there for a while where she was attacking me. Like, huge biting, stalking attacks. Once on my face. K was ready to have her put down. We dont know what caused it or triggered it.

Me and K are doing good. Typical life stress but, good. 

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