Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mackenzie Update

The vet called a little while ago. I knew in her voice that it wasnt good. She didnt even have to tell me. They got the test results back from the lump itself, it was a stage 2 mast cell tumor.

I'm devastated.

She said that they did remove it all so that's good. She said that it could come back, it could not. I already have an appointment for Friday to get his sutures looked at so she wants to check him for more lumps. Which I would have thought she would have done that to begin with but that's me. Also said she wanted to check his lymph nodes. She wants to check him every 6 months after. Unless another lump pops up then I have to take him back immediately so it can be removed.

I googled it and it doesnt look bad. Not that bad. (the end results that is) This type of tumor is almost common in some dogs. Schauzers being one of them.

I hate it. I'm so sad. Just heartbroken.

I caught him eating cat shit and didnt even get on to him. lol

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