Monday, February 7, 2011

The weekends are killing my diet

I do good all week. I cook, log everything, stay conscience of what I eat. Then the weekend hits and it all goes down hill.

This weekend was no different. Friday we had a small ice storm so my husband was off work. The "ice storm" was a dud so we hit the roads early. I did eat a bowl of cereal before we left. Well, thank gawd because that was the only thing I ate until later that night. We headed to my dad, who eats steak and baked potato every night. Friday night was no different. It was so good until I looked at how many points it was. o_O

Saturday was awful. There's no food in his house. He's a single 60-something man. Typical. lol I had brought some snacks (nutty bars) for my husband. Well since I was starving I ate one. Then by 4pm we still hadn't left yet and I was on the verge of getting a head ache, so I ate 2 of daddy's cupcake snacks.

We leave heading home and stop by subway. I thought I was getting a healthier choice until I get home and start logging points. It was not pretty.

I guess what I need to do is buy snacks/food to take to my dads since we are there almost every weekend and it's killing me.

I'm down a few pounds this week and I really don't want to blow all my hard work through out the week every weekend. That's defeating the purpose.

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