Friday, February 11, 2011

Houston, we have heat!

Y'all have no idea how cold it has been in my house these past 3 days.

I came home from the grocery store Tuesday morning, unloaded the groceries and plopped down in front of the computer. I noticed it was a little chilly in here. Then I got to thinking, this air blowing is mighty cold.
I went to check the thermostat and it was reading 63 but it was set to 68 degrees. Uh oh. This can't be good. I turned it off since it was just blowing cold air. It kept blowing. Um....I'm no HVAC service man, but I don't think that is suppose to happen. No matter what I did, it kept blowing cold air. I had to flip the breaker.

K came home that night and got to looking at it but didnt see anything out of the norm. Of course it was too late to call someone to come look at it. I wasn't about to pay an after hours fee.

The next day we got my dad to come look at it. He about had it pin pointed. I googled (I love me some google) and found a guy that had the exact same problem and said it was something else. Well I went with his advice. I shouldn't have. Again, it was too late to do anything by the time we basically got it sorta kinda but not really figured out. Plus it was sleeting/raining/snowing it's ass off. My dad had to haul ass home before it got too bad and K wouldnt make it in time after work.

So FF to today. Since K's work decided it was going to be a blizzard, they didnt schedule any cars for today but 2. By 8:30 this morning he was done. He talked to the boss and told him about the heat so he got to leave at lunch. He stopped by the HVAC place and got the part we thought it was. Wrong! He gets home puts it in and voila! Nothing! FUCK ME!

We said screw it and called a service guy out. I wish he would have brought some lube for the fucking he was trying to give us.

Here's the run down.
Service call $72
Part+installation $214
Pick up part $106

Yep, they were going to charge me $106 to go pick up the fucking part! I very quickly declined his service. I will never call these people back out to my house. Fucking ridiculous.

K and I loaded up and headed back to the HVAC place we got the first part from and got the gas valve thingie we needed. We bought that and the plumbers glue for under $40. Came home and K fixed it.

I have heat!!!

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