Monday, May 18, 2009

Good morning

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We did. Went a little too fast for my liking but, eh, what can you do?

Friday we stayed home and grilled. K had a friend come over and they bs'd while K grilled.
Saturday we rode 4 wheelers again. Probably should have stayed home but we didn't. We had issues all day. My dads kept cutting off on him. Ours broke. Another guy thy rides with us had a loose axle.

Ours is a semi easy fix. The ball joint basically came apart. So we got some zip ties from a guy we were riding with. Zip tied that bitch back an off we went.

Problem is, my dads was acting up so bad that by the time we got going again he decided that he was going back to the truck. He was fed up. We go back to check ok him and find him aittin on the sand. We figures he was broke down. Nope. He just saw some girls flip their 4 wheeler in the creek. One girl got pinned under it. The girl driving jumped off. We're not sure how hurt she was but she sat in the creek for a good 10 minutes. They left as soon as they got her up.
That was the second accident we saw that day. People! You have to be careful! Seriously?!?

Sunday, we went to my dads. He's found a 96 jeep Cherokee that someone is selling for the cheap. We went to go look at it and K decided he wants it. It has a little body damage that's totally fixable. It got parked because of ran hot. It could be something simple like a water pump. So we'll see.

That's our weekend in a nut shell. :)

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jannypie said...

few things:

2) yes exactly LOL, coworker needs to keep his XXX dreams to himself. he is also the one i am so annoyed by that i might kick him in the teeth next time i see him!

3) hope the ride gets fixed so you can enjoy another weekend out :)

4) hugs and smooches!