Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weekend In Review

Last weekend was a hit or miss. The weather was NOT nice at all.

K got a side job doing a metal roof with my dad. It was a small house that would have taken just one day to finish if it wasn't for the damn rain. Good money too. :) They started working on it Friday doing what they could in between the rain showers. As soon as it would rain, it would dry right back up. It was weird.
*Last day finishing the roof*

Anyway, Saturday was another hit or miss day. Depends on how you look at it. We were going to go finish the roof up, but it literally rained all day. No way we could do that. So my husband decided to go buy a Jeep Cherokee. *sigh* I swear. The guy told him that as soon as it ran hot that they parked it, towed it to the house and it's been sitting for a year and a half. HA! It's locked up. So there's more to this story than we were told. It's also been hit on the passenger side that K and daddy have been working on pulling it out. My dad has all the tools they need to get it done, so no biggie. That's what they did all day Saturday. FUN TIMES! *not*
*Said Jeep Cherokee*

Sunday, we got up and headed home to check on all the animals. K also had another mechanic side job that he needed to get done. So off he went with that while I stayed home and tried to handle a little household chores before heading back out. Sunday night I was miserable. They had their heads stuck in that vehicle all night. I was bored shitless since I had just finished my book. His computer is slower than mine so there was no point in even trying to get on it. I went to bed and left them outside to deal with that damn truck.

Monday the sun wanted to come out. Slow at first...The day warmed up pretty good. Only one little sprinkle shower where we were. Since we knew it was now or never to get that roof job taken care of, we took off to get it done. hehe
Anyway! It took three and a half hours to finish what should have taken no longer than 2. Lots of breaks, the neighbor came and stopped by, rain storm....You get the point. Oh, K slicing his finger open. Stuff like that.

We were suppose to have a cook out at dad's but by the time we finished the job, yes I say we because I did help a little, it was pretty late. Daddy had to run to the store to refill the tank for the grill too. It was just a cluster of a day.

While we were waiting on the burgers to get done, we had a discussion about us wanting to buy land and move from here. Dad said we could put a trailer on his land until we decide what we want to do if needed. Where he lives, the land is so damn cheap. Probably because it's in the middle of no where. Again, K would have a HUGE drive back and forth to work. He said he's fine with that but I'm not so sure. I hate making big decisions. Dad took us around the corner from his house where some land is for sale. It already has a trailer on it and a section of the land is a hay field. We could always sell the hay for extra cash. It's 54 acres. Only bad part we can see just by looking at it is the creek that runs behind it. It could be flood zone.

We're still not ready to sell this house yet. We've got a lot of remodeling and finishing projects up still to do. We're just looking and weighing our options I guess.


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Anonymous said...

Tom and his brother Matt redid our roof couple months ago (katrina trashed it) was funny as shit to watch the more beer they drank more creative they got. Love to watch men work!