Monday, June 8, 2009

Garage Sales

We decided to get up Saturday morning and hit the garage sales. We absolute hit the jackpot at some of them! K mainly, but I got something I have been dying to own. :D

Where we live is the best place for garage sales. Our main road is nothing but neighborhoods on one side. We never got further than 7 miles from our house. A few we just rode by. Yes, I know you aren't suppose to do that but when I ride by and see nothing but baby items and nic-nacs I just can't bring myself to stop and shop.

I wish I had taken pics of everything before my husband took off with it. lol He was in heaven finding all kinds of crap.

We got: a saw (IDK what kind) for $20, bread maker for $3, couple of tools for $1, a 3 way extension cord for $.50, one of these for $3.00, paint sprayer for $3.00. I think we did pretty damn good.

Problem is, my husband now has the garage sale bug. :P

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