Tuesday, June 23, 2009


It's been a hell of a summer and it's really just started.

Every year our summers are a little out of control. I'm not really complaining because it keeps us busy. I can't stand to sit in the house when it's so pretty outside (even though currently it is 100 degrees and that's not counting the index of 111).

Every since K bought the Jeep we have been down at daddy's working on it. Last Saturday he literally spent all day beating the side out where it's been hit. It looks damn good. We didn't get home until 11:30. We would have stayed the night but since we stayed Friday night, I knew I would have a pissed off cat to come home to by Sunday.

K also has a side job that he is working on here. He had to put a rear main seal (why does seal look funny to me?) in a Jimmy. Well.....the woman called before having it brought here and the transmission had gone out. So K took the trans out and took it somewhere to be rebuilt. He got it back last night. Well, looking at it, the motor is going to have to be pulled just to put the seal in. He is NOT a happy camper. It was a PITA to take the trans out and now the motor has to come out.

I went to Freds today to buy him a fan. It's just too f'n hot to be out there with out one..

We've also been over spending lately. (speaking of fan) Since we are constantly on the rd and driving to my dads which is 45 mins away it's costing us a pretty penny in gas. Which I might add is steadily going up. Thanks you money hungry fuckers. :D

So, this weekend we're going to have to go back to dad's to finish putting the truck together. le sigh

Oh and you know how my (our) luck runs? Well Sunday I decided to take my computer apart to clean it. The fans were constantly running. It wouldnt even go into sleep mode at night. So I take it apart, clean everything. K goes to Walgreens to get some canned air (which is not cheap and another thing we didnt need to buy) We go to put it back together, the fucker won't turn on. Fuck me! So the processor (CPU) was attached to the fans. It was suppose to stay in but it's glued to the fan housing. So glued I had to pry it off. Well when K put it back in he kinda forced it. (before we removed it from the housing) A couple of the prongs bent. That's all she wrote. Thank GAWD I found one on eBay for a little of nothing. Guy wanted $24.95 + $9.99 shipping. It was a best offer deal so I told him $15 + shipping. He agreed. So $24.95 total.....Woo Hoo!

It's just been a hell of a week and it's only Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

everything seem to hit the fan at once we had to buy a new generator then the altenator on toms truck went out, good times