Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I got a wild hair today

Last week I was so down I hardly cleaned my house. It wasn't dirty to begin with but I just had no energy to get up and clean like I was suppose to. Well I made up for that today.

I spent 2 hrs working on our finances today. After that my energy level kicked into high gear. It could have possibly been panic mode. ;)

I cleaned my office. Really cleaned it. Not just hid stuff in drawers. *blushes*
I'll be spending more time in here since my monitor on the laptop busted and I'm not attached to a real monitor for the time being. So I'm stuck in the office staring at these yellow ass walls. *yuck*

So I got up and deep cleaned it. I even took pictures. :D

Then I got up and cleaned my husbands closet out. (we have 2 closets in our master) I cleaned all the crap up off the floor. It's amazing how he refuses to pick up a coat hanger after he knocks it off. *rolls eyes* I cleaned all of his old work uniforms off the top shelf that have been there forever. He wanted to save them to work in around the house but he hasnt worn them in I know a year and a half. Garbage. :D I got rid of all of his jeans that he hasn't worn in 2 years too. I haven't thrown them away yet though. I'm actually going to let him do that. Heaven knows as soon as I do he'll be looking for them. lol Then I vacuumed the floor in the closet. Since you know, I could actually see it.

I then vacuumed my mattress. Yep, my mattress. It's suppose to help with the allergens.

I washed 15 loads of clothes. OK, not really but it felt like it. Most of you know how bad I hate doing laundry. So I'd been putting it off for a while now. I got it all put up and the sheets changed.

I found my curtain tie backs in my husbands closet that I thought I threw away. So I put them on the curtains in the extra bedroom. Looks MUCH better now. :p

It's 8 p.m. now and I feel like I could run a marathon. I'm all hyped up.

Wonder what I can get into tomorrow? ;)~


half of vamh said...

Damn girl! Sounds like me last week, but I had an excuse, D was coming! :eek

Keep it up while you have the motivation!

G+D said...

Holy crap, girl!! I'm so impressed! Want to come and do my house now?? :bat And, uh, where's these pictures you speak of?? :D