Thursday, October 30, 2008

Well, looks like Murphy moved in.

You know, Murphy's Law.
if anything can go wrong it will

It seems that since our money is tight, all things bad are happening right now. Our thermostat broke night before last. The same night our ceiling fan died in the master bedroom. This is what I get for cleaning the damn thing.

Now, I don't know about you but I can NOT live with out a fan in the bedroom. I have to have the noise and the air movement while I sleep. So for now we have a widdle baby fan in there. Just enough to give me the sound I need to sleep.

Tuesday morning we get up to sub zero temps. OK not really but 30 degrees in MS is fucking cold to us. So we get up, I go to turn the heat on and it never cuts on. Shit. So K came home that night and got to looking at it. The unit in the attic is fine. Working exactly as it's suppose to. So that leaves the thermostat in the hall way. He took the cover off, blew all the dust and rust off and it came on. Um, it's not suppose to have rust on it.
So we're going this weekend to get a digital/programmable one. I've been wanting one anyway to try to save on our light bill. *if they really work like that* So instead of taking a chance with this one we'll just replace it.

But, isn't it funny how when things are tight, everything that can go wrong does? This economy is scaring the shit out of me. I'm SO glad that gas prices are going down. We hit $1.99 the other day. YAY!! *happy dance* I just hope groceries go back down. At least a little bit.

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half of vamh said...

You and my husband with the fan in the bedroom. OY! Drives me nuts! We just have a tall thin fan next to his bed, it works. I hope the thermostat makes a difference, at the very least its nice to have the flexibility they offer!