Friday, January 28, 2011

Crown Brushes

I recently started following Kandee the make up artist blog and YouTube channels. She featured a segment right before Christmas about Crown make up brushes. She absolutely raved about how wonderful they were. She had a special deal going on with them that if you entered her code you can get an entire set of brushes for $29.99 shipped. Well, hot damn that's a steal. I'm in!

I ordered the brushes, patiently awaited their arrival. Shipping was actually pretty fast, especially since they were shut down for the holiday season. I think I ordered mine on a Friday and they came in the following Wednesday.

I ripped open the package, seriously excited and examined them. My first real set of make up brushes that a real make up artist recommended. They looked good, they felt good, let's go wash them and get them ready for first use.

I did a pretty thorough cleaning of them. I have enough skin issues, I need nothing else adding to it. I noticed when I was washing them that my water was tinted. Nothing too major. Then I got to the powder brush. The thickest of them all. The water was almost black. ???? Is that suppose to happen? I've only owned a few fairly expensive brushes and I never noticed them doing that. I know for a fact my Sigma brush didnt do it. I made sure to wash it again and make sure the water ran clean before I let it dry.

The next day I got up, eager to put my make up on with my new professional brushes. I used my Sigma F80 for my foundation, picked up the Crown powder brush to apply my powder. Um, it sheds as bad as my damn cat. WTF?!? They are suppose to be a very reputable company. They supposedly make brushes for other well known brand companies. Who!?? ELF!?!?

I'm disappointed in it. The face brushes just don't seem to be all that. The eye brushes are pretty good though. I've really had no complaints about them. Actually the eyeliner brush is wonderful! I've never had such a smooth line with my gel liner.

This is the kit I got.

I honestly don't think I would recommend this to anyone. Maybe if you stayed away from the face brushes and stuck strictly to the eye brushes you'd be fine....Maybe?

Again, you usually only get what you pay for.

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