Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weight Watchers

So I started Weight Watchers Tuesday. I'm sick of being all tired and depressed about my weight. I want my life back. I know I can't eat like my husband does. I need to monitor everything. He doesnt. Asshole. ;)

I'm currently on day 3. I'm dying. Slow and painful death. I'm going through sugar withdrawals something awful. I honestly had no idea how much bull shit I was putting in my mouth until I started logging it. Now that I'm fully aware of what I'm eating and having to track it, I've cut out all of the sugary snacks. Whoamygawd I never new how much sugar was part of my daily life until I can't have it anymore.

I'm sitting here right now with hardly any energy what so ever. I'm also always hungry. My body is use to the carbs keeping it going.

I can say that when I started this it was an impulse decision. Kinda. I knew I had wanted to start it for a while. I just went ahead and signed up for the program via the website. (I refuse to go to the meetings bc I'm too shameful) So my pantry/fridge is stocked with foods I have no business eating. When I make my grocery list later this week, I'll make a lot more healthier choices and get me some damn fruit that I can snack on during the day. Seriously. I'm starving.

I don't plan on updating this a whole bunch with my "weight loss journey". I don't want to feel judged by strangers reading my blog. But, on the other hand, if someone out there has any recipes or they want to share their story I am more than happy to hear it. :D

I need all the help I can get.


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