Thursday, August 14, 2008


As short as my summer seemed this year, I'm almost looking forward to fall. The sights, the smells, everything about it.

This summer has been extremely short and not even as hot as what we've normally dealt with. We've also been uber busy and it's absolutely flown by. Last year we rode 4 wheelers almost every other weekend. This year, maybe 4 times total. That sucks.

I was on Martha Stewart's website and came across this. I love it! And honestly it doesnt seem that difficult.

Witch and Cat Lawn Ornaments
This sinister sorceress and her trio of menacing felines are in a black humor -- all the better to give guests a start when they arrive at your home for the festivities. The figures are easy to make from hardware-store supplies, and they can be brought out year after year.

Tools and Materials
4-by-8-foot piece of 3/4-inch plywood for witch
4-by-4-foot piece for 3 cats
Repositionable spray
Black latex paint and paint brush
Hammer and screwdriver
6-foot piece of heavy-wall conduit for witch
3-foot piece for each cat
Four 2-hole conduit straps and 8 wood screws for witch
Two 2-hole straps and 4 screws per cat broom, cup hook, and lantern

Printing Instructions for Templates
Once template is open on your computer screen, click the print icon or press Ctrl P on your keyboard. When the print screen appears, select "Print As Image" under the Properties button on the upper right. Click OK to print.

Witch and Cat Lawn Ornaments How-To
1. Download full-size (72 inches for Witch, 25-30 inches for Cats) templates, which you can print in sections and tape together. Or draw your own using those here as a guide.

2. Cut out and affix to plywood with repositionable spray adhesive.

3. With a jigsaw, cut out design; peel off template, and paint plywood black. Let dry for 30 minutes.

4. Hammer conduits into ground, sinking 12 inches for witch and 8 inches for cats.

5. Attach figures to conduits using 3 conduit straps and 6 screws for the witch and 2 conduit straps and 4 screws for each cat.

6. Fasten a broom to the witch's raised arm with remaining conduit strap and screws. Attach a cup hook to her other hand, and hang a lantern from it.


jannypie said...

very cute!

G+D said...

Mmm...I love me some fall. Looking forward to it!