Friday, August 22, 2008

Picture Post

I'm home sick today. OK, not really sick. I ate Taco Bell at 10 pm last night and it totally kicked my 'ass'. :D

So I decided to do a picture post. A list of things that I am currently dying to get my hands on.
Ready? ;)

The iPhone. Every time I come up with the extra money to just go blow something comes up and I have to use it. broke You'd think someone was trying to tell me something but I refuse to believe it. I am meant to have it and you cant tell me otherwise.

Next up: Kitchenaid mixer. I realllly want one. I dont even bake that much anymore, but I think it's because I dont have one of these. :D At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I just can not justify paying so much for a gaming console but it's coming. Soon. hehe I'm the gamer of the family. I always want whatever is the best out there at the time. As a matter of fact I have all of my old systems in my guest closet because I just cant bear to get rid of them.
Now that Sony is finally bringing the 60gb back I'll probably get one next go around. They are suppose to be coming back out in "August" so we'll see. I doubt I get one the first go round. No let me rephrase that, I won't be getting one. I'll let them get all of the bugs out of them then I'll snatch one up. ;)

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G+D said...

Well damn girl--you sure don't stick to the cheap stuff, lol!