Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Isn't that what you call your friends?

I'm whoring out 2 of my friends that have been nominated at Divine Caroline for blog awards.

JannyPie is the most creative person I know. Her blog deserves being nominated. Crafting is definitely her gift.
You can click here to vote for her. You will have to sign up, but they don't spam you.

D. Oh my crazy D, of All Things G&D. She has also been nominated. She has blown me away with her writing. I know that child has a lot of 'spunk' in her, but I never knew how much until she started her own blog. Which I might add, has blown the fuck up. This exfarm girl has turned into a blogging sensation over night. I'm so jealous! ;)
You can vote for her here!

If y'all would go vote, I sure would appreciate it!

1 comment:

G+D said...

Um. I love you. That description of me (and my blog) made my heart go pitter patter. You're the best, babe!!! :D