Friday, September 5, 2008

My fun filled morning....

Our battery in the truck has been slowly dying. I get in it this morning and it would hardly start. Uh oh. So I figure, we'll go get one this weekend, I get paid today.

So I head to Kroger to fill up. I get in the truck, no power. Oh shit. Dont do this to me. The only person I know that could rescue me is 45 mins away at work.

I try calling K. No answer. 4 times. So I call my boss. He makes a rude ass comment and says he'll send someone over. Oh I was flaming by then. I'm pissed bc we knew the battery was dying and boss had no right to make a f'n smart ass comment to me. I was broke down. Shit happens.

So I wait. I'm IMing BFF to keep busy. 30 mins, no show. Oh I'm really ticked now. It only takes 15 mins to get there from work. Kevin calls MIL to come rescue me. Shit. Now I'll be stuck with her for half the day bc she wont leave my side while I go get a battery. Well at least I'll be off stranded island here.

She's finally on her way, this is 45 mins later. Well here comes the guy I work with to rescue me.

He tells me that boss never said which Kroger I was at. So he never bother asking. He chose one and went to it, nope. Chose another, nope. Finally he calls boss and said where I was. Um, it never occurred for either boss to tell him in the first place and dude to never ask. Stupid men!

So he has to follow me to the parts store bc the damn truck wont stay running.

Get there. I was there for another hr. I've been gone since 9:30 this morning and JUST walked through my door.

2 and a half hours later. Dude. Not cool.

The battery was leaking so one of the terminals was completely corroded. He worked on that SOB for an hr. Now....I would get stuck with the dumb ass that's slower than 2 snails fucking.

So I'm now home. Didnt go to work. I did get a chance to get to the post office to mail out a certain whores book though :whistle
We're going to try me going in Monday.

So 2.5 hrs later and $100 broker. :sigh

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