Thursday, September 11, 2008

I wish I could remember

what it felt like to sleep all through the night. Ever since carpal tunnel hit me with a vengeance, I've been waking up in the night. That was a month ago. Well night before last, I took a pain pill because my back was hurting (again). Figured, take a pill, sleep it off and feel better the next day. Well I didn't sleep that night. Up every damn hour.

So last night I just went to bed. No aides. I still woke up because I was hurting. FF to tonight, I took a pain pill. I'm up. I had problems getting to sleep. Just wasnt sleepy. I finally get to sleep at 10:30 after going to bed at 9:30. Then I'm up at 11:30ish. Then 12ish and every 30 minutes after that.

It's now 2, almost 3. I've been up since 2. I'm exhausted, my back hurts and I feel my eyes slowly swelling shut.

Dude, seriously, I just want to sleep all night. I want to remember what that feels like. I want to wake up fresh and rested.

I'm going to try to sleep some later since I have to work today. Boss can be a total smart ass some days and I really dont want to hear it. Not today. As tired as I am I just might snap.

I'm going to try to not take a nap later but instead go buy some tylenol pm. See if that will help with the pain some and knock my ass out for the night.

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G+D said...

Oh no--you poor girl!! =( I've been having trouble sleeping, too. I've been up since 3:30 this morning. GRR!!