Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Recap

I think we are the most boring people alive right now lol Not much went on to justify a recap but I'll write it out anyway. :)

Friday K took off work to get a few things done, basically he was ready for a long weekend. He went searching for parts for his new project car and I went to work. Once I got off we were going to see a movie but decided to wait for a later showing so we can go eat Mexican. So good! Love me some Mexican food!
We left there and met up with a friend that was getting his tattoos. (yes plural) I was so ready to get one I could feel it! (see post below)
Well since we sat around there forever we were too late to see Death Race. I have a huge phobia of walking into an already dark theater. I have a tendency to bust my ass. Mix that with a theater full of people and I just can't do it.
So instead, we saw The Dark Night. Eh. It was good but not 3 hours worth of my time good. It was only us and one other guy in the theater. Gotta love going in the middle of the day. :P
Oh let me tell you, since the movie was so damn long, the guy in front of us goes to get up and obviously either his leg or ass or something was asleep. He stands up and wobbles. Literally, wobbles, like a newborn horse. Well my loud ass husband says "Did you see that guy almost bust his ass?" OMG I'm not sure if I was ready to fall off my seat from embarrassment or from pure laughter. I know the guy heard him. We were the only ones in there. So he goes to walk down the steps and stops, grabs the railing and spins around. Whatever it was, was dead asleep. He couldnt walk. Y'all I almost lost it. I dont think it would have been that funny if he didnt jump up like ass on fire as soon as it was over.
We left there and we to visit his uncle and then my step sister that has a week old newborn. ♥ She's so pretty!

Saturday was nothing for me. My husband left me all alone so he could go ride 4 wheelers with the boys. I wasnt happy but I can't deny him, so off he went. All day.

Sunday, we sat around most of the day. Worrying if we should go stock up for Gustav. Glad we didnt. Gustav was a bust for us. Yay ☺ That makes me happy though. Did get our pool in the beginning stages of draining it. K got the back yard cut. That was about it. Nothing special.

Monday, Gustav hit. It was a rainy mess. We did venture out to Wal-Mart. Never go to wally world bored. You spend lots of money you dont need to. And of course, last night was the night my computer screen got screwed up. I woke up this morning, started my computer and the entire thing was gone. Weird shade of gray. I was pissed. After it warmed up for a while it came back up but I was freaking until then. I still only have 3/4 a computer screen so all of my windows are just shrunk. :( That makes me sad.

Oh and I go to walk my mail to the mail box, step outside and almost bust my ass. Damn Gustav and his never ending rain has gotten my front porch drenched. So as soon as I walked out, my first step I slid. :( It hurt.

So that's my update for the weekend and a little update from this morning. How was yours? Anything good?

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Hamlett Daily Dose said...

Is it still raining there?? :thumbdown Gustav!