Monday, November 22, 2010


Yesterday, I attempted to make homemade fudge. Not the kind that you melt the chocolate chips. Real live homemade fudge like your grandmother use to make.

I don't own a candy thermometer since I rarely make candy. But.....giggle...I do own the thermometer from our turkey fryer. I tried using it. I'm not sure if it's the same but, hey, it reads the temp right?!?

I decided not to 100% trust the turkey fryer thermometer. I got a plate with a little ice water in it and tried the ball test. You know, if you drop a little in the plate, if it forms a ball, it's basically done. That's how I tested mine. The thermometer just wasnt getting to 238 degrees and I'm very impatient. Which could be why it failed.

Now, I didn't fail miserably by no means. It just didnt turn out like I think it should. It's a little 'dry'. I'm thinking that when you are suppose to stir the 'luster' out, I might have over done it. IDK. Will I try again? Maybe. It's a lot of work for a very thin sheet of fudge. I might double the recipe next time. That way it looks like I put a lot more work into it then I really did. :P

If you're interested in the recipe, here it is.

Old Fashioned Fudge

If you make it or have done it before, let me know how it turns out or if you have any tips for me.

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