Wednesday, November 10, 2010

House Projects

Well, we have sorta kinda but not really started back on house projects.

So far, we have started refinishing a dresser of mine. I honestly dont even know where it came from or how long it's been around but it has seen better days. We stripped it and have started re-staining it a red mahogany color. It's not as red as a cherry stain but in the same family.
The stripper we bought is wonderful. I was a little pissed that when we bought it, it was on a shelf marked for $8 or so and when we checked out it was $17. But, it's totally worth it. Works miracles.

K also built me some floating shelves in my front bathroom .. nook. Whatever that waste of space is. The bullshit cabinet my dad rigged up in there was not working. It was that cheap particle board covered in plastic made to look like wood. It was non paintable. So we ripped it out, fixed the wall and my non wood working husband built me 3 floating shelves. Yay!
I did a little research and found this tutorial. Very helpful!

I'll try to get some pictures later and update. The shelves still need painting. So far they only have a coat of primer. I might get on that today. Maybe. ;)

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