Friday, January 15, 2010

Front Bathroom

We've got the tile laid. The cabinet is half ass painted. We've repainted one of the light fixtures and still have one more to do. We bought a cheap can of silver spray paint from Dollar General to repaint them. Of course they were just cheap builder brass fixtures. I'm not putting a lot of money into this house when we are NOT going to get it back.
We still have to replace the counter top. There's a place downtown that is Surplus something. I think we're going to check it out next weekend to see what they have. It probably won't cost us around $40 or so to replace it. Not too bad. It's a small cabinet.

So anyway. Here's a couple of pictures. Now warning, this bathroom is still disaster area. We've got more to do and a lot to clean up before it's finished.

Laying the tile. The teal was the color of the bathroom. K blames me, I blame him. It's gone now. :)

New paint. 

Better paint picture. 

Finished tile. Still waiting on quarter round at this point. It's now installed.

Cabinet is almost completely white now. I still have the doors to do.


Mandy said...

It looks great Sam! Love the gray walls - I want to do a similar color in our main bathroom. And a high-five for doing in on a budget - is there any other way? :)

*Sam* said...

Aw Hi Mandy!!

I'm loving the gray walls. Seriously. Wish I would have repainted it sooner. ;)