Thursday, January 14, 2010

House Projects

The big list is slowly dwindling down. Now here comes the short list. AKA the money list. This is the list that is going to cost us. It's the small things that we have to buy. ie: New bedding for the guest room since my so called best friend ruined my brand new bedding and never paid me for it or replaced it. Yeah, bitter much. We have to buy blinds for 2 windows. Possibly 3 since the the blinds in the dining room are broke. Cheap shit. :( I've already purchased the shower curtain for the front bath but I dont have rugs or towels to basically stage the room.

Trust me, the list goes on. Now can someone tell me where that money tree is because I'm going to desperately need it in the next month or so.

Le Sigh

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