Monday, January 4, 2010

Master Bath

Well, we finally did it. The master bath is complete. It looks like a totally different room. I'm so happy!

At the time of the pics, we still had a few things to touch up. Obviously this is one. The cabinet is now painted.

This mirror is temporary. Ours of course, shattered when we were taking it down. We still have to get a new one and we want to frame it out.

New tile. I absolutely LOVE it!!

Shelf my dad built for us. There is NO storage in this house. I hate it. Now I am having issues finding some sort of basket or canvas storage to put on the shelves. They aren't but 6" deep.

What do you think?!?! We LOVE it! The front bath is now under construction. It's already been painted and the floor ripped up. Tile will go down one day this week. I'll make a new post and keep you updated on that one.